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to Signage Industry

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PVC Sign Solutions

Leading Provider

Of Wholesale PVC Signs


Carved & PVC Sign FAQs

PVC Sign Kit Installation

PVC Sign Kit Installation

Initial Design & Ordering

Q. What files do you accept?

A. We accept a .PDF and .JPEG files for estimate requests. If you are placing an order, we will need vector artwork. Artwork can be sent in .AI, .CDR or .EPS format.


Q. How do I place an order or request a quote?

A. Email us your preliminary artwork, including all dimensions/colors/details to request a written estimate. To place an order you can call us toll-free at 877-862-0840 or email us your artwork in vector format. We are a 100% wholesale-only manufacturer, so will require verification of your status a retail sign shop before ordering. If you are not a retail sign shop, contact us and we would be happy to refer you to a dealer who services your area.


Q. How do you ship your signs?

A. We offer two shipping methods: UPS and Freight. Single Kits up to 3′ x 6′ will ship via UPS. Any project over 3′ x 6′ and quantity orders will be shipped via Freight.

PVC Paint & Finishing System

Q. What type of paint is used by The New Kit?

A.  All of our PVC signs are finished using an acrylic latex paint. Additionally, our panels are finished with a special additive. This additive essentially “welds” the paint to the PVC panel. This eliminates peeling in the sun and preserves vibrant colors that would normally be prone to premature fading.


Q. Can PVC be installed Outdoors?

A.  Yes! Our PVC sign blanks, post and panel kits and panels are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. PVC is rot, termite and moisture resistant. You can enjoy the look and feel of traditional wood signage without the maintenance!

PVC Sign Installation & Touch-Up

Q. Do you supply touch up paint?

A. Yes, touch up paint is available upon request.


Q. Do the PVC posts need to be installed over top of a wood 4’x4′ post?

A. No. In fact, we DO NOT recommend placing 4’x4′ posted inside of our PVC posts. The PVC posts are designed to be a stand-alone project. Re-enforcing the posts can make the posts too rigid and cause the sign to bend in the sun. Our unique PVC Sign Kit solution is designed to allow the sign and posts to move together. This keeps the sun flat and prevents warping. The sign posts, however, DO need to be ground supported. A cement base is recommended.


Q.  How deep should the PVC posts be buried in the ground?

A.  This answer varies based upon geographic location. We recommend you refer to your local sign codes. Generally speaking, one third of the post should be in the ground. In other words, an 8′ post would be buried 32″ deep.

PVC vs. Other Substrates

Q. What is the differences between PVC, HDU and Wood Carved Sign Panels?

A. Each substrate offers its own unique benefits. That said, one significant benefit of PVC is that it is essentially maintenance-free. Wood signs are beautiful, however, they require constant maintenance to maintain their appearance. HDU signs are versatile, offering unique texture options, however, they are susceptible to damage.

The texture/finish differs for each of these substrates. Wood can be painted for exterior use, but will eventually peel. HDU, also known as High Density Urethane, is a lightweight yet strong substrate that can be blasted or carved. If you project requires intricate carved details, HDU is the perfect canvas.

Additionally, panel thickness varies between wood, HDU and PVC. PVC is available in 1″ thickness and can be built up to be thicker. HDU and traditional wood, on the other hand, come standard in a variety of thicknesses.


Q. How large of a wall sign can you make without having a glue seam?

A. The maximum length of a wall sign without a glued seem is ten feet. We have made signs up to 26′ with glued seams.

Carved Letters & Hand Painted Logos on PVC Signs


Q. How small can a carved letter be on a PVC sign?

A.  With NO Serifs, the smallest height can be 1/2″ with a stroke of 3/16″.


Q. Can you carve detailed logos on PVC?

A.  Maybe. While we have had success carving detailed logos into the PVC substrate, there are many variables. In most cases, High Density Urthene is the preferred substrate for panels that require highly detailed logos. That said, send us your artwork and we would be happy to provide a material recommendation.



Q. Do you offer hand painted logos?

A.  Yes, we offer hand painted logos for an additional fee. Additionally, you can apply a digitally printed logo on your PVC sign.

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